DIY Mother’s Day Crafts Your Family Should Try


If your mum is a bookworm, she probably won’t be able to resist this bookmark in her favourite fabric or prints. It’s easy to make and is perfect as a last-minute gift for mum.

Using flower-shaped cookie cutter and clay, children can make a Mother’s Day flower that cannot wilt but will only be withaged with time. She will be happy to receive it because it`s a handmade present from her child.

Photo Vases

Mums and grand-mothers will cherish useful crafts they can make use of. Children of all ages will love painting designs onto these wooden bracelets to give to Mum, or another woman in their life.

Flowers are a traditional Mother?s Day gift, but this craft allows you do make one that lasts longer. Take a small mason jar and cover its metal cap with a flower sticker or any type of label. Glue a photo on the front and add a few stems of flowers inside. Voila, you have a ready-to-be-given Mother?s Day gift.

Add painted flowers and ribbon to this lovely terra-cotta pot for a creative Mother?s Day gift that she?ll enjoy all year long. And make Mom a herb garden or plant a tray of ferns, which grow well inside the house.


A bookmark attached to the last read page of L’ami Fritz. Photo by Eitan LevineA bookmark is a slim writing implement, usually made from card or paper, used by readers to indicate the last read passage of a book in order to aid a return to that point of reading. Modern bookmark materials include ribbon, leather, cloth, felt, metals such as silver, tin and aluminium, paper, cord, wood or plastic.

Students will create flower bookmarks for their Moms from washi tape, buttons and card stock, and add to the gift a sweet message to their Mom.

Surprise Mom with a lovely addition to her reading experience: pressed flower bookmarks! The bookmarks are fun for kids of all ages to make, and will last long past Mother’s Day. Get the tutorial at One Little Project. Bookeen bookmarks are perfect for the bibliophile mum in your life.

Oyster Shell Key Holder

This do it yourself gift idea is a lovely gift for those who love the coast and beach. It is also a sweet souvenir of a vacation or unique beach.

Now, dip your finger in gold acrylic paint and trace the inner edge of the shell to follow its natural contour. Next, let that dry and paint the whole shell using this paint.

Add a key ring and Mom can flaunt her bling everywhere she goes. It’s easily one of our most straightforward DIYs, yet one that boys and girls of every age can enjoy making.

These projects are so easy that toddlers and preschoolers can do many of them with just a little adult help, while older children and teens will have fun making these DIY gifts that would be a great surprise for Mom or Grandma – or make great last-minute Mother’s Day crafts!

Chalk Art

A piece of white paper can serve as the kids’ drawing surface, to be transferred onto a piece of backboard to create a bright, colourful gift for Mother’s Day. Choose a rainbow, sun or other cheerful design, then drip liquid watercolour in a different colour over the top of the drawing; the colour will spread and blend.

This project is best for slightly older kids. Painting wood beads can be a tedious task for the younger kid set. But the result is a great little key chain that Mom or Grandma will love to show off for you!

Flowers that you love proclaim how much you love Mom with this colourful kid-friendly craft! Make up felt flowers in different shades, and add them to pretty flowers made from buttons. The end result is a flowery gift that she

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