Ducted Air Conditioning – Cooling Your Entire House


You cannot see the ducted air conditioning system so they are aesthetic friendly and use better quality air inflow compared with split systems.

They can rapidly cool a large volume of space in minutes, and will ensure even spread of air. No cold spots. They also make more sense economically and increase the value of your property.

It’s quieter

If you have ever compared a ducted airconditioning system with any other type of air conditioning equipment, such as a standing unit or a window unit, you would agree that the ducting system is extremely quiet. This is because the noisiest parts, the compressor and condenser, are placed outside of your home instead of inside it. The cooled air is circulated to each room using a series of hidden ductwork, with only the vents visible.

This discreet appearance contrarily makes a ducted systerm a great choice for the homeowner looking for a prestige solution of cooling without destroying his decor. Actually, you can also get ducted air-la conditioning systems to have a degree of zone control so you can pick and chose which rooms to provide cooling to for when or for however long.

In conclusion, I think that a ducted air conditioning system is the best option for most houses and properties. Bear in mind that talking to professionals is very important as they will give you the best solution for your circumstances. This way, you’ll get the best for your property, your lifestyle and your wallet. What is your point of view for this topic?

It’s more efficient

Ducted systems are optimised for energy efficiency, delivering conditioned air to the room via a series of well-insulated ducts. They also have zoning, so you can keep different areas of your home at different temperatures, overcoming the dreaded cold corners and hot spots that dog most forced-air heating systems.

Ducted installations can require more complex installation, involving routing of ducts into the roof space and into each room, but their design also keeps them out of sight. This makes them great for larger homes that want to keep the look of the property intact.

They’re more expensive than split systems to install upfront, but save money after installation as they’re cheaper to run. Ask a HVAC professional to help you assess your needs and choose the right system for your budget. Ducted systems are great for commercial properties because staff need to be comfortably supported all year round. The majority of ducted systems are reverse cycle (heating and cooling).

It’s more versatile

Although ducted air conditioning costs more upfront than a split system does, ducted AC will have vastly more control over your comfort because it has one indoor unit and ducts that lead conditioned air to each zone of the home.

This system is also, generally, much more energy efficient, overall having a better inverter. It controls the allure of the compressor, based on outside and internally, because of this it is not relying on electricity and saving money.

Furthermore, ducted air-conditioning systems can be programmed and controlled even from a smart device. Not only that, but they can turn off zones when not being used – meaning you don’t have to use power where it doesn’t need to be used! On top of all of this, this is a flexibility that you can now apply to your property, and especially as a sellable plus while you’re putting your property on the block for sale – or when you’re buying someone’s home. You’ll see an additional benefit. They will almost certainly have an air filter in the ducted air conditioner, which will filter out dust, pollutants, and other contaminating or harmful particles as it flows through your house.

It’s more affordable

The ducted version is more expansive than a split system but provides a more complete cooling solution. You can also have the rooms that are regularly used cooled instead of having all the rooms in the house on at the one time, a bonus on power usage.

The biggest advantage of ducted systems, however, is that they’re quieter. During normal operation, the noisiest components of the main units – the compressor and fan – are situated either outside the house, in a unit located between the outside and your house’s airspace (and possibly connected to an evaporator unit inside), or in an area behind sealed walls and doors of the house itself. You can even make your ducting fairly unobtrusive if you like, as there are a wide range of grille styles and placements to adhere to your home’s aesthetic.

A good ducted system will be a valuable asset to your property and add to its resale value. Next time you are selling, you will find potential buyers are comfortable with the knowledge that every room can be cool whenever desired. The new technology supported by ducted systems is especially attractive, including compatibility with anything ‘smart’, and even the possibility of controlling your system remotely. When your home is unoccupied you can also turn off air conditioning in rooms that are useless, saving significant money on your power bills.

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