Eco-Friendly Car Rentals in Austria’s Green Revolution


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Austria Images/GettyA special emphasis on sustainability and ecotourism has resulted in an alert focus from car rental companies. They are expanding their fleets to include items for those environmentally-oriented customers who want hybrids and electric cars. The growing trend of consumer demand motivates car rental companies to actively meet this demand.

By choosing these options, your carbon footprint is reduced to below zero, as you’re offsetting the impact of your journey by your support of clean energy elsewhere. Expedia has helpful green leaf badges against search results that indicate schemes such as these.

EV Rental

More sustainably minded road-trippers can also find electric vehicles in the rental fleets of big companies such as Hertz, Enterprise and Avis, as well as on sites such as Kayak and RentalCars that aggregates the offerings of many car rental agencies.

But if you’re looking to rent an EV, be prepared to pay extra beyond the day rate: some firms charge for the privilege of recharging the vehicle, while others don’t even have on-site charging; others yet have ‘bake in’ charges requiring the traveller to leave time to top up the battery at a rapid-charging facility upon returning the car.

One way to avoid such hidden charges is to guarantee an EV in advance with an EV rental company. In Austria, reservations can be made on the MyElectric website, which offers a selection of EVs and provides a useful map of charging stations throughout Austria. Also take the time to find out about the coverage limits and deductibles that apply to renting an EV from your car insurance counsellor.

Green Motion

The company features a fleet of cars ranging from electrics and hybrid to bump-free vans that can fit seven passengers at once. The vans could take golf plocks and the cars were friendly on fuel.

Through their commitment to minimising CO2 emissions and developing sustainable activities throughout their operations – including a rental fleet of low-emission vehicles, support for environmental projects, as well as optional equipment and rewards programmes – Green Motion is becoming a brand associated with the environment.

When you go to Carla’s site and rent your car, be aware that different Green Motion car rental locations will offer the same vehicle for very different prices, depending on whether there are extras or insurance products like Theft Protection bundled into the base rate. The fuel policy (listed under the billing and services tab) is also worth a careful read – many such insurance companies impose rules about whether you can return the vehicle empty or whether you have to return the car with enough fuel for the next driver. If you don’t put exactly the right amount of gas in the tank, they may charge you for missing gallons.


EVs have fast become a preferred means of green travel and the demand in Austria is no exception to this rule. For this reason, leading car rental companies have developed a wide range of available electronic vehicles which can be rented out both at popular airports and other centrally located places all around the country. Another distinguishing factor of these top-ranking companies is their possession of innovative features, which not only save on fuel and reduce emissions, but also alert the driver about the most energy efficient driving techniques; some of these useful features are regenerative braking and eco driving assistance.

An EV is a great choice because of its range and because an Electric Vehicle’s adaptability is perfect for enjoying everything Austria has on offer, whether it’s the bustling energy of vibrant capital cities or idyllic Alpine landscapes. Go to one of Austria’s abundant electric car charging stations and recharge your EV, then go bungee jumping from Europabrucke or the Europe Bridge for an experience you will remember for the rest of your life; but not only that: it’s also eco-friendly.

Other Eco-Friendly Vehicles

Austria is one of the eco-tourism front-runners in Europe. Eco-travellers come here from all over the world, to enjoy nature excursions, farm weekends and spa holidays while directly supporting regional farmers and reducing their carbon footprint by enjoying their holidays in a country that produces most of its electricity through hydroelectric plants.

Besides, by renting out low-emission vehicles more often than not, the nation’s emission standards will reward the rental companies; the two existing requirements should be met simultaneously. By following the requirements, the rental companies will be spared hefty fines. I believe that successfully achieving this objective will further the new national goals to decrease environmental pollution.

Moreover, Austria provides incentives to stimulate citizens to adopt EVs through an extensive package of purchase subsidies, registration tax benefits, ownership tax benefits, VAT benefits, infrastructure incentives, free parking and tax rebates (Normverbrauchsabgabe or NoVA taxes) to stimulate e-mobility, as well as an adoption of the Right to Plug, formerly known as the Bürgerbrief for adapting the previous approval hurdles for charging stations in multi-apartment buildings.

Moreover, the country is committing to the theme of shared mobility, following the trend of car-sharing services that are booming across the world. EV Rental is one of the most popular providers in Vienna and provides a fleet of different electric vehicles tailored to your needs.

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