All the Styles You Want to Explore For Your Reading Glasses


If your up-close vision isn’t what it used to be, reading glasses may be the quickest fix. They’re stylish and convenient, and come in a variety of corrective strengths.

Try a few on at a time to figure out the best strength for you. Many eyeglass displays have a handy text-printed chart to help.

Half Frame

Half frame reading glasses are small enough to perch on the end of your nose, but still offer unobstructed vision. They are a good choice for those who want to avoid having to remove and replace their glasses regularly.

A pioneering independent direct-to-consumer online retailer, Warby Parker has a curated selection of stylish frames at fair prices relative to bigger chains. The company also offers a home try-on kit and the option to visit a store for fittings.

Taking a modular approach, Pair lets you dress up your glasses with a limited number of affordable “Base” frames and a wider variety of magnetically attached “Tops.” We tested a pair of Base frames with an oblong lens that looked great on us, plus a bright yellow Top with a fun print.


For some people, a pair of reading glasses is more than just a functional accessory. They’re a true tool to help them decipher the fine print of paperwork, labels and more.

A rimless style has no frames surrounding the lenses, giving them a sleek and minimalist look. They’re also typically a bit lighter than other frame styles, making them more comfortable to wear.

Like half-frame styles, they’re available in a wide variety of colors and materials. They can work well with any face shape, though they tend to look most striking on square and oval faces. They don’t work as well on heart-shaped or diamond faces, and they might not flatter narrow nose bridges.


If you have a face with defined, straight lines from your forehead to your jaw, you probably have a square or rectangular face shape. This face shape suits well with rounded frames, which soften angular features.

Glasses with strong, angled features will also complement this face shape. If you’re looking for glasses with balance to offset your chin and forehead, try oval frames or oblong styles.

Another great choice for this face shape is aviator frames, which add a bold flair to your look. Also consider cat-eye frames, which have a subtle curve that flatters the brow line and accentuates your eyes.


While it’s tempting to try to match your face shape to one of the standard glasses styles, it’s more important to find a frame that complements and enhances your natural features. The best frames for round faces will contrast and balance the soft curves of your forehead, cheeks, and chin with bold lines and angles.

Rimless frames are often the best reading glasses for round faces, as they improve nearsighted vision without obstructing your view of the world around you. But if you want a more minimal look, try a half-frame style that’s worn closer to your nose. They’ll give you the magnification you need to read, but will also add an extra layer of structure that flatters your face shape.


Oval faces are blessed with balanced proportions that make them versatile and a good fit for most frame styles. This versatility also opens your eyes to styles you may have overlooked.

Rectangular frames add structure and contrast to oval face shapes, complementing their balanced angles. These straight lines play well with the long, wide chin of an oval face, and offer a sharp, refined look.

Aviator glasses, with their sleek frames and classic shape, are another classic style that flatters an oval face. Flirty, fun frames like cat-eye glasses also work well on an oval face, adding a touch of personality to your look. Our selection includes a variety of colors and finishes, including metal frames and premium plastics that are lightweight and hypoallergenic.

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