Discuss About Various Types of Glasses


Glass is a transparent or translucent, hard and brittle material. It can be made into a wide variety of products. Glass can be toughened, chemically strengthened and laminated.

Round glasses are a classic look that can work on almost any face shape. They are available in plastic, metal and wire frames and in a wide range of colors and materials.

Wire Frames

The design process is a collaborative one and the best way to communicate with clients and colleagues is through wireframes. They help clarify the structure and goals of a project, so all parties can easily understand what needs to be done and why it is being done.

Wireframes are a visual blueprint of a page, which can be delivered to a client in the form of a jpeg, PDF or even just a sketch on a napkin. The term ‘wireframe’ stems from the literal meaning of a wire construction used by architects, sculptors or engineers to create a foundation before adding a sculptural element.

Unlike the finished product, wireframes do not include color choices or font style – leaving those for the design phase of a project. Instead, focus is placed on ensuring that the wireframes address business and creative goals and that content is positioned correctly.

When presenting your wireframes, remember to be ready for your audience to critique them. It is essential that you maintain a constructive mindset during this time. Be prepared to discuss and describe the rationale behind your choices, including any alternate paths you explored but ultimately abandoned. This will help make the presentation feel less like a critique and more of an open dialogue.

Low Bridge Fit Frames

Low bridge fit frames are a great option for those who have a very narrow nose and cheekbones or a nose bridge that sits in line with, or below, the pupils. They feature larger nose pads that are designed to extend a little lower on the nose, helping them settle snuggly on a low-nose-bridge face. Also referred to as Asian fit or universal fit glasses, they’re available in many different styles and materials and can be worn by any facial shape or ethnicity.

Poorly fitting glasses can pinch, slip down the nose or rest on the cheek bones – and that’s why our collection of low-bridge frames is so useful. They’re specially crafted to stop glasses from slipping, pressing and pinching so they can stay comfortably on the nose without sliding down.

To determine if you have a low nose bridge, stand in front of a mirror and place your finger on the highest point of your nose. The bridge is the bony portion that starts on the lower part of your forehead, between your eyes. If your finger sits above, in line with or below your pupils, you have a low nose bridge! Low bridge fit frames are a perfect solution for you. Whether you’re looking for a stylish pair of metal frames or a sophisticated pair of acetate glasses, JINS offers the widest selection of low-bridge fit frames to help you find the best glasses for your unique features and style.

Semi-Rimless Frames

A great choice for modern glasses wearers, semi-rimless frames offer a less-is-more look with sleek architectural lines that blend well with your face shape. You can also discover these on-trend frames in a variety of colors and materials, from rugged titanium to lustrous acetate. Browse our collection for men’s and women’s rimless frames, and you’ll be able to find the frames that speak to your sense of style.

Half-rimmed frames balance bold with simple, and can be a good option if you have an oval or long face shape as these frame types can elongate your facial features. These frames are typically lightweight, making them comfortable for extended wear. Rimless eyeglasses are also a fashionable choice amongst a certain demographic, especially male shoppers looking for subtle, light frames that blend in well with a professional setting.

Rimless frames do not have a visible frame around the lenses, and they are held in place by small, unobtrusive metal or plastic mounting points attached to the temple arms. While rimless frames may appear fragile, they are durable and a versatile choice for those seeking stylish eyewear that’s appropriate in any setting. You can also personalize your rimless frames with tinted lenses or unique lens shapes to truly make them your own.

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