A Complete Guide to Men’s Fashion


If you’re looking to dress more stylishly, you’ve come to the right place. With insider tips and the latest fashion trends, you can get ahead of the game no matter what your budget or body type.

From what to wear in your 20’s to how to care for suede, we’ve got it covered.

  1. What to Wear in Your 20’s

Your 20’s are the beginning of a journey of learning, ups and downs, and experimenting with your style. It’s also a time to invest in some classic pieces that you can wear with confidence.

A great wardrobe investment in your 20’s should be a good quality suit, a well-fitting pair of Oxford shoes, and a stylish wool coat or suede jacket. These are essentials for many events and transitions in your life such as job interviews, weddings, and Christenings.

  1. How to Wear a White T-Shirt

If there’s one piece that every man needs in his closet, it’s a plain white T-shirt. It’s the go-to basic for casual outfits, and it can also be layered to elevate your look.

They’re versatile and easy to style, and they look great paired with everything from jeans to suits. So if you’re not sure how to wear a white T-shirt, read on for our guide.

  1. How to Wear a Roll Neck

If you’re looking for a smart way to keep warm during the winter, you should reach for a roll neck sweater. This is a great alternative to a button-down shirt and it can be dressed up or down to suit your mood.

The best part is, they’re extremely versatile – they can be paired with formal trousers and a leather jacket for a sophisticated outfit or with jeans and boots for a casual look.

  1. What to Wear to Bed

A lot of gents don’t really give their bedroom attire much thought, especially when it comes to what they should wear to bed. However, if you want to ensure that you sleep well and wake up fresh every morning then you should know the right types of clothes to wear in bed!

For starters, it’s always best to ditch the bra if you can help it. Bras can cut off circulation, make it difficult to breathe and cause a range of other issues that can impact your sleep.

  1. Smart Casual Dress Code

Smart casual dress is the perfect balance of professional and comfortable. It’s ideal for social events, such as birthday parties or sports club get-togethers.

For men, smart casual clothing includes blouses, fitted sweaters, polo shirts, button-up shirts, dress pants, and chinos. It also includes shoes that are professional and comfortable.

  1. 90’s Style

The 90’s were a decade of fashion innovation, with everything from scrunchies to chunky trainers and bandana headscarves on trend.

Men’s fashion in the 1990s was influenced by both surf and skate culture, as well as by new, young Hollywood stars.

The look was casual, thrown together, and meant that hair was left messier than ever before. Bucket hats were popular too, as were band and skating t-shirts.

  1. How to Care for Suede

Suede is a type of leather that’s prone to damage when not properly cared for. But as long as you know how to clean it, suede shoes should last just as long as their standard-leather counterparts.

To keep your suede shoes looking their best, brush them regularly to remove dust and loose dirt. A good brush with a fuzzy nap (like this crepe one) works well.

  1. Can You Be Too Old for Streetwear?

You’re never too old to wear streetwear, although as you get older your style may evolve. It may be more appropriate to wear something smarter on the reg, especially when it comes to casual attire.

The most important thing to remember is that streetwear may be the big daddy of all the fashionable fads, but it can also make a surprisingly stylish addition to your closet.

  1. What Are The Differences Between Khakis And Chinos

Khaki pants are a type of casual cotton men’s trousers that come in a cargo cut, loose with pockets and loops between the waist and knee. The front may be flat or pleated.

Chinos are a slightly dressier version of the same pants. They’re made of lighter fabrics and tend to have a cleaner line, making them more appropriate for professional wear.

  1. Men’s Accessories

Accessories are the small details that make a big difference when used together. They’re the finishing touches that help you tell your unique story.

From leather bags to wallets, hats and sunglasses, there’s a men’s accessory for every mood and occasion. We’re here to help you build your perfect style!

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